Music & Bands

I can provide you with a wide variety of experience in different fields of music, performed in many years and in lots of studios and on stages. You can listen to me directly on one of the next Concert or session (see NEWS), or watch me playing with one of my bands (The Corners or Blue Note Ensemble) at the rehearsal room (see CONTACT)....... 

......or simply watch me playing directly here (Download Samples - but not for commercial use!):        


Parts of my musical history:

THE CORNERS: Funk-Rock performance band currently in progress do really provide the best music in town. (since 05/2005). Watch it!

ROCKOPTERS: Former funk, rock and pop music band (FRoP) with excellent vocals. Founder. Barbara Sagel & Stephan Stegmüller (voc). Download samples above. (2002 - 2004). Barbara can be seen with her new Band Southern Blend

Blue Orange: Jazz at its best. Covering all standards out of the real book and much more. (1994 - 1996) Uli Wanka (5-string bass, accoustic bass), Tim Zehelein (key), Barbara Sagel (vc), me and several sax-players. Listen to "the swing", the Demo CD of this band. Download above.

Panjebo: Fusion-Funk-Rock band from Frankfurt. Founder. 7 musicians playing jazz, latin, funk and fusion written by Jan Beiling (sax), Dieter Heupke (key), Uli Wanka (bs), Minikon Nah (git) and the band. Well done. (1982 - 1989).

3 to Go: Rock-Funk performed in Frankfurt with one of the best guitar players I ever met: Frank Netz (vc, git), Dietrich Hör (6-string bass) and myself. (1990 - 1994)

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